Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 25 Flu Update

Three potential cases are reported in Central Indonesia. Indonesia says that there is no evidence of human-human transmission. Pro Med Reports.

Vietnam is working with Laos to exchange flu information and experience.

The price tag in Indonesia for bird flu is estimated at $170 million.

Thailand is evaluating the bird flu situation in Phitsanulok province.

The University of Pittsburgh is testing a genetically engineered vaccine in clinical trials.

Australia has developed two bird vaccines.

California and Arizona are working together as border states to fight bird flu. This is smart. Ground transport from Mexico is more likely (IMO) than wild geese.

Effect Measure has praise for this effort. Note: Mexico is involved as well.

This is a follow up to an idea that came up as part of the genetic sharing contoversey. Poor countries are talking about patenting strains found in their country, and then using them to leverage lower vaccine costs from the drug companies.

EU regulators have approved the use of Relenza in fighting influenza A and B.

Just when you think there is nothing new, here's a commercial aspect we hadn't thought of. Apparently, they use hackle from chickens in tying flies for fly fishing. And apparently, bird flu fear is hitting the chicken hackle business.

CIDRAP on GISAID being founded.

The letter to Nature that started it all.

GISAID news release....

and story in Nature.

The US government has launched a web tool that will help track wild bird surveillance.

Recombinomics says Qinghai sequences are in Indonesia.


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