Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 21 Flu Update

Preliminary results are in from WHO's look at the possible cluster in Indonesia. They say no evidence of human transmissibility or easier bird-human transmissibility.

Revere writes on the cluster situation, though apparently without benefit of the WHO report...saying that Indonesia doesn't do the follow up necessary to provide data to help promote understanding of what is going on.

Meanwhile, Recombinomics continues to cite increasing local cases as evidence the cluster continues to grow.

With the recent death in Indonesia, bird flu deaths in 2006 have exceeded 2005.

FAO says that bird flu continues to spread around the globe.

"We don't expect to eradicate the H5N1 virus from possible wild bird reservoirs but we can contain and control it fully in the poultry sector," FAO's chief veterinary officer Joseph Domenech said.
Celera Genomics has funding to develop a new test for bird flu.

"An accurate, standardized, and robust test would enable testing in more locations, and most importantly, enable investigators to make meaningful comparisons between laboratories quickly and reliably across the globe," says Celera Chief Scientific Officer Tom White.

Bird flu monitoring will be done in Azerbaijan.

Russia has banned poultry imports from Holland.

New Zealand will be stockpiling masks for industrial workers.

Macomb, IL is getting ready to fight the bird flu.

3 hospitals in Port Huron, MI are conducting bird flu exercises.

I have been waiting for these theme to emerge. I believe that the spectre of the "failure" of the swine flu program will hang over any effort to vaccinate people for bird flu in the US. Fox News will go nuts, and I don't believe it can get done, absent a clearly present pandemic already in motion. My opinion.

Niman is presenting at a flu conference on recombinomics.

Ohio has launched a website for pandemic flu, and they are promoting it with banner ads.


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