Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22 Flu Update

More on the expert determination that H2H is not happening in Indonesia.

A 6-year old girl is now said to have H5N1 in Indonesia. She does not live in the area where cases have been "clustered" recently.

Recombinomics says there is evidence of Human-human transmission in Indonesia.

Recombinomics ground level reports now say that Tamiflu is blanketing villages where flu has been breaking out in humans.

The Sinar Harapan newspaper says there are 17 cases in the supposed Indonesian cluster.

Indian editorial reminds its readers that the bird flu might be gone for now, but it could be back.

Experts praise bird flu prep in New Zealand.

The Washington Post reviews bird flu kits.

If properly fitted to the face, N95s filter out 95 percent of airborne particles such as viruses. "When, in the hospital, we want the best available protection, we generally wear N95 respirators," said Schaffner.

In upstate New York, a school district is doing bird flu planning.

In the case of an outbreak, however, it's likely Fauquier's schools will be called upon to do more than just distribute pamphlets. Options include using the county's buses to deliver meals to quarantined people or employing the facilities themselves as overflow space for community hospitals.

"There are some very interesting, creative possibilities for the schools," said Murray.

Vietnam says bird flu could break out from its 8 million geese.

More on mutations making vaccine efforts more challenging.

A paper asks if bird flu will hit Foster farms in the Western US.

Bird migration begins: bird flu warnings are issued in Turkey.


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