Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 6 Flu Update

WHO says human cases could increase sharply later this year or early next year.

CIDRAP on yesterday's report about three migrations of bird flu into Nigeria.

The amino acid sequence at the cleavage site of the hemagglutinin protein of the two Lagos H5N1 strains matched that of strains found in Europe, Russia, and central Asia, the reports says.

Further, analysis of the complete hemagglutinin gene of the two Lagos strains showed they most closely resembled strains from Astrakhan in Russia and from Egypt. The sample from northern Nigeria most closely matched a strain from Kurgan in Russia.

Also, the virus from one of the Lagos area farms was more closely related to the northern Nigeria sample than to the virus from the other Lagos area farm, less than 50 kilometers away, the scientists report. The data ruled out a Southeast Asian origin for any of the viruses.

Recombinomics seizes on the migratory bird angle of this WHO report, and tracks sequences from Qinghai Lake around the world, and notes further opportunity for recombination later this year.

OK, we've all seen that Vietnam is boasting of its lack of bird flu cases. Effect Measure notes that Vietnam undertook a wide bird vaccination program, which can mask the spread of the disease (as birds act as a sort of early warning system). Then, he notes that there is widespread dengue fever, which is often a misdiagnosed flu, and concludes "one wonders."

Despite Thailand's good record of bird flu control, the PM is calling for better integration.

An Ontario company is working on generic Tamiflu using used Christmas Tree needles as a shikimic acid source.

A Winipeg lab says its unable to confirm or deny that bird flu was present in the geese on PEI.

Taiwan is urged to put SARS behind it and face the future, including bird flu.

The G8 will tackle bird flu and infectious disease at this year's summit in St. Petersburg.

The Pan American Health Organization is conducting a bird flu seminar in Grenada.

Minnesota is taping PSAs in six languages aimed at people who raise chickens in their homes.

The Western Cape Ag Department in South Africa is surveying to detect bird flu.

The Public Relations Society of America has this info on communicating bird flu threats within a company.

Sanofi Pasteur is set to conduct human bird flu tests in Thailand, including children from six months to 18 years, to reflect the bird flu's infection profile.

In addition to setting the record for the most words per square inch on any website I ever saw, this link is intended to educate people in Trent Hills, ON about bird flu and why there isn't anything to worry about right now.

ProMed with OIE reports from around the world.


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