Sunday, July 02, 2006

July 1 Flu Update

The Chinese have reported a new bird flu outbreak (among birds) in Zhongwei.

Recombinomics says that the spring flu this year (includingg this recent Chinese case) will point to problems for the Fall.

Secretary Leavitt says there are 53 countries with bird flu. This is the highest number I recall seeing.

Helen Branswell on yesterday's report about flu hitting teens and young adults.

The US government is doing to spend $159M to help subsidize Tamiflu purchases by the 50 states.

Interesting stories on pre-pandemic vaccine efforts--one of the more interesting things going on.

The Australian Health Minister praised Vietnam for bird flu efforts (if all is as it seems, Vietnam has gotten some results with its bird flu program.

The US has stashed Tamilfu in Asia at an undisclosed location.

A ministerial meeting is being held in Laos to discuss the bird flu.

Shortland Street, a TV drama in New Zealand is going to take on the bird flu.

Winston County, MS, is doing bird flu planning.


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