Monday, June 26, 2006

June 25 Flu Update

Australia wants to help Indonesia set up a proper compensation system for people who lose birds to culling. (In my opinion, this is a needed step. Right now, the population is resisting flu measures, and for basic reasons like survival).

Arizona's business leaders met with the Governor to discuss pandemic preparations.

West African ministers have developed a regional plan to fight the bird flu.

The European Food Safety Organization is warning that Bangladesh is at risk of bird flu due to migratory birds.

In a public forum in California, a local official uses a Katrina metaphor to define a pandemic.

Quincy, IL, is also holding local meetings to prepare for the bird flu.

There's been some talk about reporters in Indonesia being nervous about catching bird flu while covering the story--yet people won't talk to them if they wear masks. Effect Measure understands their concerns.

Recombinomics reviews the data from the flu conference in Indonesia. Note his prediction that the two Indonesian strains may require two vaccines.

Recombinomics also notes that the conference revealed that the strains in that country are amantadine resistant, eliminating a cheap antiviral therapy.

Promed with OIE reports from Niger, Ukraine, and China.


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