Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th Flu Update

Just back from the town fireworks. (OOOOHhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!)

Yesterdays news about the confirmation of bird flu in the five year old boy in Indonesia is examined by Effect Measure. Closest sick poultry was 15 metres from his house, calling into question the phrase "close contact with poultry is required." Other cases do the same. We may not understand exactly how the flu is transmitted, so perhaps we should stop being so certain about it.

Recombinomics has the same concerns, and notes some genetic data would be useful.

Twenty villagers in Thailand are under observation after they ate poultry that died of unknown causes.

The EU is investigating whether Italy broke state aid rules with its plans to prop up the poultry industry during a bird flu scare.

Recombinomics says that the bird flu continues to evolve in humans, yet genetic data is kept away from prying eyes by WHO.

ProMed with FAO report on bird flu outbreaks in eight countries in Africa, summarizing status and containment measures taken.

Mozambique is now doing surveillance of wild birds for the flu.

The OIE is establishing a bird flu control centre to help with the fight against flu in birds there.

In Japan, a boy jumped to his death after taking Tamiflu...sure to fuel the critics once again.

A meeting will be held July 11th in Cincinnati to discuss planning for the flu, right down to the school and church level.

Europe has prolonged its regimen of protective measures.

ProMed on H5N2 in South Africa.

Brevard County (FL) is preparing for bird flu.

Health officials went through a three-day training program for bird flu in the United Arab Emirates.


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