Saturday, July 01, 2006

June 30th Bird Flu Update

WHO published a report Friday that said that bird flu is most dangerous to young adults and teens. This has been observed for some time, related to the idea of the cytokine storm. WHO also notes echoes of the Spanish Flu.

Here's a summary from WHO, along with the complete document.

Effect Measure notes this story, but remains shocked at how little we know about bird flu.

At the Avian Flu conference in Paris, an expert said a viable bird flu vaccine is 10 years away. Must read, and should be kept in mind while companies and countries around the world brag about their vaccine success.

He [Dr. Fedson] told BBC News: "Right now, worldwide, we can produce 300 million doses of seasonal flu vaccine, but it turns out that the H5N1 vaccine is so poorly immunogenic and replicates so poorly that... we could immunise globally, with six months of production, about 100 million people.

"From a public health point of view this is catastrophic," the former professor of medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, US, said.

Dr. Fedson also talked about the role of statins in mitigating symptoms, CIDRAP reporting.

Full Text of Dr. Fedson's speech.

WHO also reminded us that a mutation is still a strong risk.

Bird flu has spread to a new state in Nigeria.

Interesting perspective, and probably thoughtful. In order to keep the lights on, Alaska is including utility workers in the first round of pandemic medications.

Who wants to pet a chicken anyway? Chickens are removed from petting farm at the National Zoo.

Surprise. They won't be testing the bird flu vaccine on policeman in Hungary.

Forbes looks at new laws that are taking effect on July 1 in states around the country--bird flu law in Minnesota, Nebraska and Alaska.

Nebraska (Nebraska!) is testing wild birds.

Guam conducted a tabletop pandemic exercise (event went "smoothly.")


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