Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 3 Flu Update

Sorry things have been a little irregular. Internet connectivity issues. We're back in the saddle.

The five year old boy who died in Indonesia last month is H5n1 confirmed, the 40tth such death in that country.

CIDRAP on Indonesia, the latest Chinese outbreak, and confirmation of a new outbreak of H5N1 in Nigeria.

ProMed on Indonesia.

WHO has also published a study that says that the bird flu is following the seasonal patterns of the...well, seasonal flu.

Pennsylvania continues to push localities to plan for bird flu.

South Africa finds H5N2 in ostriches.

The EU is holding a seminar with journalists on bird flu risk communication.

Here's an article asserting that the bird flu vaccine should go first to younger people, who are at highest risk.

Butler County (KS) will hold a bird flu tabletop exercise on July 11th.

The schools of Marshall, MO are doing similar work.

CIDRAP on the WHO study comparing H5N1 to the Spanish Flu.

US plans to increase its antiviral stockpile are good news for Biota, who make Relenza.

Editorial from Thailand says that the human spread of bird flu is "ominous" and issues this call to action.

What remains to be done is to develop a contingency plan for use in the event a sudden pandemic threatens to paralyse the country's economic activity, exhaust public-health resources and disrupt key public services like transport systems. Not to mention residual effects like a global economic slowdown. All of this the government and private sector must discuss, in order to ensure effective crisis management if and when worse comes to worst.

Effect Measure on the issues of transparency in China, citing an Economist story that pins blame on the ultra-secret agriculture ministry.

Recombinomics says recent flu sequences released in Indonesia call some WHO reports into question.


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