Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June 26 Flu Update

A lot of birds are dead in Siberia, though an expert says he doubts its bird flu.

Russia has banned Hungarian poultry over bird flu concerns.

Using a computer grid and a network of scientists, Scottish scientists are able to evaluate bird flu "cures" faster than the old trial and error methods.

The University of Massachusetts is developing a DNA vaccine for bird flu.

In New Zealand, a company is stocking up on antibiotics in preparation for bird flu. Yes, they know its a virus, but they are also worried about secondary infections.

This story reminds me that we used to have "death estimate" stories all the time, but its been a long time. This one in Australia projects 40,000 deaths even in a mild pandemic.

Different take on same story--potential for 6.8% reduction in economy.

OIE reports say France and Malaysia are bird flu free.

Malaysia is bird flu free, and internal poultry restrictions have been lifted.

The Mayor of Beijing visited the Sinovac plant....

Wild Bird surveillance story from Nova Scotia.

Bangladesh says it has an emergency program to fight the bird flu.

Cedartown GA is doing local preparations for the bird flu.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has a bird flu select committee.

We've had stories about the bird vaccine that combines with a vaccine for Newcastle Disease. Effect Measure says it should be in the public domain.

Recombinomics is concerned that the bird flu in Indonesia is acquiring Qinghai sequences.


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