Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 10th Flu Update

David Nabarro, the best headline-maker in the flu business, is back to putting flu news on the headlines.

"I would say it is certainly moving into more and more countries, with a speed that is, for me, and for my colleagues, a continuing and serious cause of concern," he said.

Dr. Chan is also worried about mortality.

"Now this is, in terms of avian influenza, a very devastating disease," he said. "We have never seen, what we call, such a high case-fatality rate. That means more than…50 percent of people affected by the infection eventually succumb to the disease."
Interesting perspective from Africa, which feels like bird flu has been stopped in Asia and Europe and is only thriving in Africa.

Yet another story on migratory bird testing, this time in Maine.

A needle-free flu vaccine is being worked on in Britain. It blasts particles into the skin.

Donations still trail pledges in global bird flu fight.

Botswana is working to prepare for the bird flu, with a committee that meets regularly.

Here's a new perspective....Stanford is looking for a test to protect the blood supply in the event of a pandemic.

India is close to its own poultry vaccine.

Cardinal Health of Dublin, OH, has an agreement with Roche to help produce Tamiflu.

Hawaii has applied for its full allotment of Tamiflu.

Georgia is weighing spending $14M for flu protection.

ProMed on the confirmation of H5N1 in Spain, and details on a rapid response from the Spanish Government.


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