Monday, July 10, 2006

July 9th Flu Update

New Jersey schools are preparing for what they would do during a pandemic, and confronting some tough questions in the meantime.

Surreal scenarios have already emerged: Instantly quarantined students. Schools closed and students getting home lessons by Internet for up to two months. Grief counseling.
And people accuse us of being alarmists--this Peoria story tells readers to stock up on food and water, virus could be there by September...(They meant in a migratory bird).

An Iranian official responded to rumors of bird flu in the northern part of the country by denying the rumors.

Cape Coral, FL, is preparing. They've spent $15,000 in three months.

Business preparations are ongoing in Australia.

Voice of America on the three strains in Nigeria, a natural mixing bowl for a recombined virus.

Researchers say Nigeria may have been hit by different strains of bird flu, raising the risk of human contagion. Experts warn that, unless the Nigerian outbreak is effectively dealt with immediately, there is now a real chance that the virus could become transmissible among humans, leading to the possibility of a pandemic.

From Bryan and College Station, TX, reminders that early warnings are important to save your commercial flocks.

Columbus, IN, also has a pandemic strategy.


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