Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 19th Flu Update

Northern China has a new bird flu outbreak.

ProMed on China...quarantine measures are being undertaken.

CIDRAP reports on the Canadian case, as well as an outbreak in Hungary.

New Scientist with an excellent article on the state of the vaccine wars, and why we might need to stockpile pre-pandemic strains.

ProMed also says China has cleared all close contacts of the latest case. Also, note mod comment that says there has been no bird flu in that area, but perhaps as a truck driver he picked it up elsewhere.

Canada is taking more measures to keep bird flu on PEI.

Health experts say Indonesia needs to cull, not vaccinate birds.

Even though Revere doubts the latest Chinese case is from a mutated virus, China should still share the isolates--and not just the sequences.

Serbia is implementing measures to protect its Hungarian border against bird flu.

The Catholic News Service urges Churches and Families to prepare for the bird flu.

Myanmar is worked with the Red Cross/Crescent to do flu education programming.

USDA is training international scientists to detect bird flu.

France is now bird flu free.

Sinovac (China) announces it has completed phase I of its vaccine testing.

An Academy reviewed Arizona's pandemic plan, and says it could be improved in several ways.

Hong Kong is cracking down on bird smuggling (via ProMed).


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