Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 18th Flu Update

Helen Branswell on Indonesia bringing world experts to the country to finally try to put the bird flu problem to rest. It is seen as a good sign.

"I think calling this meeting is a step towards recognizing that they have got a problem and they do have a responsibility to the rest of the world in terms of trying to deal with it," says Lance Jennings, a virologist and epidemiologist at Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand.

Still, it isn't clear that all the effort will bring changes on the ground.
"I think what's concerning is if the answer is 'You need to change your devolved veterinary services,' that's a big tanker to turn around," he says bluntly. "That might not be a terribly easy or welcome piece of advice for them to get."

Canada has quarantined another backyard chicken flock.

Recombinomics feels that this is evidence of H5N1.

Another article on how US business is preparing for the bird flu.

Georgia (US), home to millions of chickens, is preparing for the worst if bird flu comes.

Detailed op-ed in Indian paper gives nice overview of what has happened to date with H5N1.

Revere found an unglamarous article on the H5N1 in chicken poop. UV light has so effect over four hours, through heat does.


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