Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 17 Flu Update

China confirms its latest case, a 31M which has been reported before.

This is interesting. WHO spent time studying the big cluster in Indonesia, but the results haven't been released. Part of the reason appears to be the objection of local residents....strong objections.

Dozens of residents staged a protest on Wednesday at the North Sumatra governor's office, demanding that the governor should ask the WHO team to leave the area within three days. They were threatening to personally tell the team to leave Karo if the government took no action by Friday.

In Myanmar, people are urged not to drop their guard against the bird flu.

500 volunteers are testing the Hungarian flu vaccine.

Roche has posted resources to help people protect themselves from fake Tamiflu.

Recombinomics on Qinghai isolates showing up in Indonesia.

Poultry sales are coming back in the Middle East as flu fears ebb.

North Africa lacks the expertise the bird flu--as if to illustrate, story has picture of a soldier and another man trying to catch a pheasant to cull it.

Western Governors were in Sedona, and they were told the nation is not ready for the bird flu.

FAO has made donations to the Seychelles (of equipment) to help fight bird flu.


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