Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28 Flu Update

30 year old man dies in Indonesia of bird flu. Said to have had contact with sick chickens.

Vietnam says it needs $400M to fight bird flu. Half is expected from foreign sources. Note emphasis on smuggling.

China objects to WSJ article on China's openness on flu cases. They claim article said they were hiding cases, which is not exactly the way I read it.

If you go to the Hoquiam bird watchers festival, you don't need to worry about bird flu, say organizers.

Effect Measure notes that a recent study shows one hour waits are common in US Emergency Rooms, and wonders about during a pandemic.

The G8 health officials are in Moscow to discuss bird flu.

The recent Neil Ferguson study is being used to advise Britain's government to administer Tamiflu sooner in the disease course.

FAO says Latin America has lowest bird flu risk.

Russia says if bird flu goes H2H, it can have a vaccine cranked up in one month.

Wood County, Ohio, is engaging the public on bird flu.

The Waterloo Region (Canada) has set up a website for pandemic preparation.

OK, in case you wondered, you can't wash and reuse a flu mask if supplies get short.

Effect Measure covers this story, too.

Direct link to Waterloo site.

A leading infectious disease expert in British Columbia says that the bird flu risk is serious.

“The reason we’re concerned about it is the extent of the spread around the world is truly unprecedented,” Skowronski said in an interview.

Loudon VA is also making local flu preparations.


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