Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17 Flu Update

Northern Nigeria has a fresh bird outbreak, killing 200 birds.

Asian countries begin to resign themselves to the flu...once its there, does it every go away?

There's an apparent dispute over an Indonesian death....the country says bird flu, WHO says no.

FoxNews fixes in on one of the more interesting parts of the reported US pandemic plan--drive through examinations.

Poultry workers around the infected farm in Pakistan test negative.

Elsewhere, Pakistan says no human cases.

CIDRAP is sponsoring another symposium to help business journal in Twin Cities reports.

Russia says that bird flu is on the wane in the southern part of the country (they have said this before).

CIDRAP on the "waxing" and "waning" flu virus.

McDonald's protects the franchise, requiring free range chickens to be raised indoors, among other things.

"We are now imposing standards which require that those free range chickens that are producing free-range eggs be brought into houses because of the threat of the spread of avian influenza," said Catherine Adams, vice president worldwide quality at McDonald's.

Houston Chronicle blog on who should get flu vaccine first. Interesting thought--if children spread it, should they get it first?

From the Scotsman...we've wondered this before. Would 66% of healthcare workers really fail to show up for work if a pandemic struck?

Effect Measure said something nice about Julie Gerberding at CDC, which he regrets shortly thereafter.

Via Crofsblogs, Laurie Garrett says bird flu in US by October.

In the US, a survey says the figure is 40%.

Helen Branswell on the same study, attributing the absenteeism to a lack of understanding for hospital workers on their role during a pandemic.

This is IT can play into pandemic response.

Planning is going on in Washington State. Same message....don't expect the Federal government to come pick you off your roof.

Similar story from the Chief Medical Officer in Colorado. Katrina x 50, no chance for Federal response...likens bird flu prep to preparing to ride out a blizzard.

Roche is increasing production of Tamiflu's active ingredient at a plant in SC.


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