Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24 Flu Update

Pakistan has mounting cases of bird flu.

A fourth province of Afghanistan reports bird flu.

The home of the latest Chinese flu victim has stepped up its bird flu protection measures.

The World Bank loaned $34M to Turkey to help combat the bird flu. Its part of their $500M pool of funds.

Though they say they are not expecting an outbreak, South Carolina is ready for a flu outbreak anyway.

Thailand is urged to remain vigilant, despite bird flu success.

Outsider enters poultry farms, learns more about hygiene rituals than they ever wanted to.

BioSante says preclinical studies reveal that adjuvant vaccine doubles potency of bird flu drug.

The leading poultry producer on the West Coast says preparedness is the key.

French poultry sales are down, leading to stockpiling of poultry.

Effect Measure skeptically looks at yesterday's pigeon story.

Effect Measure gives high marks to a columnist named John Maxwell from Jamaica.

Haven't seen one of these for a while...a 1918 bird flu history of Fremont, Nebraska.

And in Fremont, more than 1,400 influenza cases were reported by January, with more than 20 deaths. It also killed dozens of local rural and small-town residents.
Looks like a Web2.0 app ready to tackle a pandemic.

The solution is the first on the market to integrate professional services, project and collaboration tools, and process templates for executing enterprise-wide pandemic planning and preparedness efforts.

CIDRAP on last week's Lancet study on gaps in European planning.

They had a bird flu summit in Guam.


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