Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 20 Flu Update

The sick man in China is now a bird flu fatality, the 12th reported in China.

Bird flu scare in Pakistan has led to a large cull.

The case in the Sudan is reported to be negative.

CIDRAP on the Sudan and China.

ProMed on the Sudan...

and other reports from around the world.

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and FAO confirm that the animal species playing a role in the transmission and spread of highly pathogenic avian H5N1 influenza virus are essentially domestic and wild birds.

Although some 50 non-domestic bird species have proved susceptible to infection with the virus, it would appear from the epidemiological data currently available that, among the wild birds implicated in the transboundary spread of the virus, aquatic birds play a major role.

This could be a consistent event Denmark, a plane from Singapore was quarantined when a passenger was suspected of having the bird flu. False alarm, go aboutt your daily business.

Amid praise and self-congratulation, Britain lifts its bird flu restrictions.

The Red Cross/Crescent is raising $13.4M to help fight the bird flu.

Very interesting AP article on how difficult to detect the bird flu might be in birds during surveillance programs. Note: article states that there is "growing" agreement that the bird flu is being spread more by smuggling.

A bird conservation official in Africa reiterated an argument that migratory birds cannot be blamed for the spread of the flu.

NBC says that the US is making up for lost time on preparing for the bird flu, citing vaccine and other preperations.

A little airtime on MSNBC for the flu skeptics. Wendy Orent on the case....

"We don’t have anything that makes us think this bug will go pandemic,” Orent said. “Yes, it’s virtually certain in human history there will be another pandemic strain … but there’s no reason for it to happen now, or 10 years from now or 20 years from now.”

New Zealand is offering an online pandemic preperation course for businesses.

A flu summit was held to unveil the national plan of Brunei.

Effect Measure writing on hospitals telling HHS that its all well and good not to expect any help from the Federal Government, but the hospitals are saying they don't have the resources either.

Effect Measure looks at Indonesian claims that it is "winning" against the bird flu, and compares them to US claims that it is winning in Iraq.

Yesterday, Tyson sliced its outlook, today its stock falls. Lower exports due to bird flu are to blame.

An analyst says that the bird flu might double the vaccine market.


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