Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25 Flu Update

There was bird flu on Bali due to smuggling, and a cull was carried out.

Two human cases are possible in Pakistan.

Russia's chief epidemiologist says that the country is the epicentre of bird flu.

Pakistan is shaken up by bird flu fear...or at least some people are, and some are not.

Housewife Naila Qamar wasn't perturbed even though she lives on the edge of a restricted zone.

"Look. Look. Our freezers are full of chickens. We are eating. Nothing happened to us. We are healthy in front of you," she laughed, pulling open her fridge door.

TESCO, Britain's largest retailer, says poultry sales have fallen 5% due to bird flu fears.

MedBlog in the Houston Chronicle looks at the Effect Measure/Marc Siegel debates.

Frustration in India over the falling poultry business. Here's a classic example of the mixed messages people get.

"The correct information hasn't been reaching consumers," says Venkateswara Hatcheries CEO O P Singh. On the one hand, government would say eating well-cooked chicken and eggs was safe but then, Parliament, Railways and the airlines stopped serving these.

Although Thailand is doing a good job protecting its own people, it worries about bird flu on the borders.

Reuters FactBox on the EU poultry sales.

Canada's international aid agency is investing $1M into a study of the effectiveness of five different approaches to the bird flu (in birds) in Asia.

The Magical Mystery Flu Tour hit Michigan.

Wake Forest University has orders from the President---make bird flu plans.

Princeton held a conference on bird flu prep for hospitals, but "uncertainty" dominated.

Effect Measure on recent poultry importation rules concerning meat processed in China.

Recombinomics on spreading bird flu in Afghanistan, and what he believes lies ahead for Europe.


At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here's bad news from Burma, which you highlighted in the past month.


Thanks for your excellent daily updates.

Tempe, AZ

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Thanks for the update, and thanks for reading.


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