Friday, April 28, 2006

April 27 Flu Update

An 8-year old girl is sick in China, and bird flu is confirmed. This is China's 18th case.

Macedonia says its suspected case was negative.

Myanmar says it has bird flu under control, and will life poultry bans.

There is a suspected case in a 13 year old boy in Pakistan that is heading to the lab.

Culling underway in the Ivory Coast.

CIDRAP on China and the Ivory Coast.

ProMed on the Ivory Coast.

Recombinomics on the Fujian Strain in the Chinese case.

ProMed on China and the vet in India who wasn't H5N1.

Nature publishes a rebuttal today on Jeffrey Tauenberger's work earlier in the year that said the 1918 flu came from birds--not through another species. Meet Mark Gibbs, who says that is wrong, and we need to extend our surveillance to other species.

Seven Asian nations are pledging to work together on bird flu.

Interesting article from Britain...businesses are trying to prepare, but you're preparing for something for which there are no solid predictions, no idea what to expect (this is right, in my opinion).

A telltale sign...the H7 case in England was caused be feces on a boot...calls biodefenses into question.

Recombinomics notes that co-circulation of H5 and H7 is a potential problem.

ProMed on Britain, and Germany, where a stork is dead of flu in Saxony (sounds like Dr. Suess).

Rural Texas paper notes that forms of the bird flu have been there before.

The Guardian (UK) has a bird flu Q&A.

Oakland County (MI) has a bird flu plan.

The CDC traveller data plan is drawing more fire..CIDRAP reports.

Bunch of stuff today on the computer modelling. I've only pulled out two with a unique perspective. First, the Houston Chronicle

And second, Effect Measure. Typical strong analysis, and a must read.

GlaxoSmithKline profits up 27%, expects bird flu vaccine clinical trial results in June.

Analysts remain bullish on Gilead as well.


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