Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19 Flu Update

A UN Team is headed to the Sudan to study cases there.

The 24th death in Indonesia is confirmed by WHO.

CIDRAP on the Sudan, Indonesia and China.

ProMed on the Sudan confirmation.

WHO confirms China...

and issues infection control guidelines for healthcare facilities.

Secretary Leavitt is at it again...warning states (Texas, this time) that they'd better be prepared and not expect the Federal Government to save them.

Elsewhere, a boycott was planned of poultry markets in Hong Kong.

The BBC reports on The Lancet study that Nick Zamiska had last week. Everyone needs to work together.

Roche's profits are way up....and so are Gilead's.

Effect Measure on the study that healthcare workers wouldn't show up for work.

The idea we are all in this together is an ideological notion, of course. It opposes the equally ideological one that says it's every person for themselves. There are good reasons to believe we are better off as a society if we work cooperatively, but no one can guarantee for any individual person they are better off. If you hold as a moral position that a person's only concern should be to look after him or herself, then you should also be prepared to forfeit the help of others when you need it.

APEC will meet in early May in Vietnam for more flu planning.

FoxNews covers what you can do to prepare for the bird flu at home.

Consumers in Kyrgyzstan are staying away from poultry, even though bird flu not reported there, but in neighboring Kazhakstan and China.

On a similar note, Tyson has cut is forecasts due to reduced exports due to bird flu.

My father used to tell me that if you asked a stupid question, you'd get a stupid answer. To wit, the question from MSNBC: "Should you fret about the bird flu?"

The US is prepared to do quick culling (even before tests are positive) to stamp out the bird flu.

3 more negative tests in Pakistan.

Roche turned over 3 million courses of Tamiflu to WHO.

In Australia, poultry farmers are urged to vaccinate poultry.

Here's a perspective I have not seen...A Christian Scientist look at the response to the bird flu.

Marc Siegel (a perspective we have all seen) was at work in Arizona again. Here's a professor of microbiology with a rebuttal.


At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOur title that 'there is a human case reported in Hong Kong' is misleading cos the case is in Wuhan, China. It might be better to say there's a case in China being reported in HOng Kong.

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Orange said...

Thanks for keeping an eye on me. (Blush). And thanks for reading. (blog has been corrected).


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