Monday, December 26, 2005

December 25 Flu Update

Hope everyone had as good a holiday as we did. The blog is being updated on the new G5 that was under the tree! Anyway, a week of R&R with full flu updates is on the way. Tune in tomorrow for our one year birthday celebration.

Bird flu scares reportedly were keeping poultry out of nativity scenes in Poland.

More on the sigh of relief in Australia, where a farm has been found to be bird flu free.

There was bird flu found in Romania again.

ProMed on Romania.

An editorial in Bangladesh calls for more protection against the bird flu.

The tourism industry is carefully preparing for bird flu--maybe more than any other industry, but they aren't seeing an effect as of yet.

A bogus drug alert has been launched in Bahrain against fake Tamiflu.

Norman OK paper says the Tamiflu resistance news is a setback to the bird flu fight.

If you're on the "China doesn't have the surveillance to be fully transparent about the flu" side of the argument, here's an editorial supporting that position.

Fighting Bird Flu is a 2006 priority in Vietnam...a "resolution" in fact.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch has an excellent FAQ for readers, including a short talk with the local health director.

Crofsblog found this on a poultry farmer in China who has found another line of work.

The government in Malawi says that the birds there died from "heavy rain." Samples were sent to South Africans labs as a "formality." ProMed mod comments note this one stays in the suspected category.

Recombinomics on the how the genetic makeup of the bird flu reflects the inherent instability of the virus.


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