Friday, September 16, 2005

September 15 Flu Update

Here we go...mass production of flu vaccine set to begin, US orders $100 million.

Forbes on the business side of this deal--delivery supposedly by the end of October.

The EU Health Commissioner warns Europe is not ready for the flu vaccine.

WHO again issues stern warning on flu.

Reuters feature on St. Jude's at the front lines of the flu war.

Here's a State Department link to a press release on the bird flu announcement President Bush made at the UN.

Effect Measure would like some specifics, but isn't too dismissive.

Recombinomics reacts with approval to the Bush plan.

Several bloggers have noted that Cherthoff was reportedly distracted from the New Orleans flooding by a meeting on bird flu (imagine the odds!)

Crofsblog has this from a doctor in Pittsburgh, who draws lessons from the bird flu from Katrina.

H5N1, Silviu, has this on Doctors in New Jersey acting as "Sentinels."

Three states in Germany have asked farmers to keep their chickens protected in structures or similar area.

US has promised to fund $2.5M for Vietnemese surveillance.

Bird flu is having a chilling effect on the Falcon hunting industry.

A new village is struck by bird flu in Russia.

This is an interesting Reuters story on the "over-reaction" of the Dutch government to bird flu. Remember--there's been bird flu there before, and it adds context.

Senior officials in Asia are endorsing bird flu plans.

There are waiting lists for Tamiflu in Scotland.

Recombinomics writes about viral influenza deaths in Nepal, and how they should be verified.

Recombinomics also sees some wild bird deaths in Japan, and wonders if it signals H5N1 there.

Recombinomics has 31 chickens dying of H5N1 in Chelyabinsk, and wonders if this puts the disease to the Caspian Sea.

Here is wikipedia on

Finally, if you listen to the podcast This Week in Tech, you will be familiar with the cutting humor of John Dvorak ("He gets no Spam!") Anyway, he blogged on the flu, pointing out a key thing from other comments based on the President's comments. You can't vaccinate after the disease hits, and we're not good at prevention.


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