Sunday, October 01, 2006

September 30 Flu Update

The data is real small and on mice, but Dr. Robert Webster suggests that the seasonal flu shot might provide protection against bird flu.

Nearly 1,000 chickens have died in Inner Mongolia (China) of bird flu. Culling undertaken immediately.

ProMed on the new case (cluster alert) from yesterday. Note mod comment that talks about another potential case that is dubious.

Effect Measure on the report of widespread bird infection in Indonesia.

Effect Measure also has this on the Bellagio principles, which are designed to guide an approach to bird flu that recognizes we are all in this together, and that the poor are most vulnerable. (Extension of story from yesterday).

Link to Bellagio principles.

There's low-path bird flu in Illinois.

Surveillance programs are underway in North Dakota.

This is really interesting. San Francisco Chronicle is talking about biosecurity, reminding backyard flock owners that their flocks are not immune, even if they are free range.

"With the highly pathogenic H5N1, you can have two flocks side by side: one is outdoors, in sunshine, with optimal space requirements, and the best possible feed; the other flock is indoors, crowded, without enough sunshine or fresh air, and poor feed. If you take this highly pathogenic virus and infect it in both flocks, they will both die," says Wallner-Pendleton.
Lake County, CA, is discussing banning the feeding of wild birds in a park.

Flu planning underway in Bergen County, NJ.


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