Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 15 Flu Update

A 17 year old girl has died of bird flu in Indonesia. Her neighbor had the disease as well.

ProMed: the neighbor, a 9 year old girl, is also dead.

Note the mod comment: [This report does not mention the deceased girl's degree of contact with poultry, other than that she lived in a rural village in the district of Garut where the most recent confirmed case (a 17-year-old) resides.

The 17 year old Indonesian raises some interesting ethical questions--can you refuse treatment for a pandemic disease, are their undocumented cases, and are other animals (dogs being infected). Excellent Effect Measure.

Recombinomics says the cluster may have grown to 3.

China is also reporting a new bird flu human death.

In Central China, 1,800 ducks died on a farm in Central China, and another 210,000 birds were culled.

In Thailand, two people were released after it was confirmed that they did not have bird flu.

Effect Measure notes that Thailand, once praised, is now being asked to re-evaluate its bird flu program.

Is this recognition that eating or preparing infected poultry is a risk factor? It sounds like it to us. It also raises the old questions about the consequences of reassortment of H5N1 with human adapted viruses.

Vietnam is looking to import poultry vaccines, and they are looking to Russia.

Vietnam is on high alert. Poultry farming has been "banned" and everyone is supposed to be vigilant.

The Avian Flu Centre at the World Bank has given its first grant to Laos.

Cornell University is building an $80 million lab to help fight pathogens, including bird flu, in that state.

Jackie Chan has made an educational advertisement on bird flu, but it is unclear if it will be seen in Hong Kong.

South Carolina is preparing for the bird flu.

The Health Ministry in Antigua is planning a bird flu pandemic planning session.

Recombinomics cites the genetic diversity of bird flu, and wonders if testing programs are keeping up with the virus.

Ducks died in Pullen Park, NC, but it wasn't bird flu.


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