Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 13 Flu Update---Back in the saddle.

Back at the helm here at the World Headquarters of The Coming Influenza Pandemic? I go away for a week and the situation in Asia appears to be much worse.

46 people remain under observation in Thailand under suspicion of having bird flu. 96 people are still awaiting test results.

Thailand has made an official statement saying that there has been no bird flu during this outbreak in the nation's capital.

On Friday, the minister said some 7,500 volunteers would be mobilized this month to search for sick chickens and people across Bangkok after the deadly H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus recently re-emerged to infect some of the country's poultry and led to the death of a teenaged boy in the lower North.

A 17-year old in Indonesia now has bird flu and is refusing treatment at a local hospital.

A village in Cambodia has had an H5N1 outbreak, and it will be closely monitored for 30 days.

Vietnam is carefully guarding its flu-free status. Recently, H5N1 was found in some smuggled poultry from Laos, and steps were immediately taken.

As the disease has a resurgance in Asia, APEC countries are holding meetings to figure out a response plan.

In Europe, two owls in the Rotterdam Zoo are now suspected of having died of bird flu, based on early results.

The Chinese are touting a flu survival based on serving ginseng soup.

Excellent New Jersey Star Ledger story on the race to be a modern day Jonas Salk--by creating the vaccine that will cure the flu.

India has an offical announcement. It is bird flu free.

A survey of NW Wisconsin businesses say that they aren't concerned about bird flu and are not prepared.

Countries in the Gulf Region of the Middle East realize they will have to work together to control all diseases.


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