Friday, July 28, 2006

July 27 Flu Update

Based on the recent death, people in Thailand are apparently afraid that dengue fever has mutated with H5N1.

Interesting article. Thailand was the model of how to fight the bird flu. But, the virus proves difficult to finally put away.

Effect Measure says he is willing to "bet" that the flu has been present in Thailand since December, and merely flying beneath the radar.

The Thai Prime Minister says that the outbreak is the fault of local villages who attempted to cover up the disease.

Recombinomics has a translation of a local report that says there are 44 potential cases in Thailand.

I could easily have run 25 articles on the GSK vaccine story. This story includes an interesting quote from WHO:

"While this is encouraging and promising, these results were obtained with a proprietary adjuvant, so access for other companies to use it will most likely be limited," says Dr. Klaus Stohr, the World Health Organization's special adviser on influenza pandemic vaccines.

From a public health perspective, Stohr says an effective vaccine developed with an adjuvant easily available to other pharmaceutical companies would be preferable, as it would expand global vaccine production capacity. More than 20 clinical trials involving potential H5N1 vaccines are being underaken by some 13 companies.

Laos is reporting birds dying of bird flu.

ProMed on Laos: H5N1 not confirmed.

Secretary Leavitt and Mayor Bloomberg appeared at a New York City pandemic planning forum.

South Africa culls 8,000 ostriches, declares bird flu under control.

WHO says better communication is needed to fight bird flu.

Minnesota is among states looking to stockpile Tamiflu.

Iowa has demonstrated that hunters can catch bird flu--though it was not H5N1.


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