Monday, July 24, 2006

July 23 Flu Update

Big news today is five reported human cases in Thailand. The two sisters we reported yesterday, and three more in another area, including two older men. ProMed notes that whether these cases have been id'd on symptoms or lab tests is not clear, and Thailand has been flu free for nearly a half a year.

On the other hand, a leading Thai scientist is casting doubt on the reporting of potential cases in poultry in Thailand.

"From my experience, when they say 'no, nothing' it means 'yes, it is' [bird flu]," he told The Nation in a telephone interview after returning from a trip to Phitsanulok, one of the provinces where mass deaths of poultry have been reported recently.

"I will give it 8 out of 10 that what has caused such an abnormal pattern of poultry deaths was it [the bird-flu virus]."
Effect Measure blogs on this story.  Time to find out for sure.

The one survivor from the Indonesian cluster that was confirmed H2H has finally gone home from the hospital.

India has begun to mass produce its poultry vaccine.

Russia says it will have flu vaccine on September 10th.

APEC is continuing to upgrade its flu protocols. This one is important, if done:

This APEC initiative aims at establishing an information and liaison network across the region which helps create effective and transparent supervision and closer co-ordination and co-operation among member economies.
St. Petersburg, FL, school officials are doing some impressive planning.

New Zealand finished an extensive testing program--their poultry is flu free.

The San Francisco Chronicle says that the US National Tamiflu Stockpile is not even adequate for hospitalized patients, much less for healthcare workers, etc. Adequate supplies are not expected until the end of this year.

In a related story, we noted before that Roche is urging companies to order Tamiflu directly. Given shortages, people are starting to wonder if that makes sense.

Not surprisingly, Roche had an excellent quarter.

Planning is going on in Albany NY.

While KeyBank and other companies say that, internally, they're in control, it's the external factors that have them worried. Will the power continue to flow? Will deliveries be made? Will the water be safe to drink? Will the Internet service providers continue to function?


At 7:23 AM, Anonymous slovenia said...

Welcome back!
Am I missing something? The two sisters, the two dove eaters, and now three other cases? It seems we have seven new possible cases in Thailand.


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