Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25 Flu Update

Recombinomics says that a 17-year old in Northern Thailand has died from possible bird flu symptoms.

Thailand confirms that there is bird flu among birds in the Northern part of the country.

Effect Measure on Thailand....question is, was the flu there all along, or did it just reappear? Seems safe to say it has been there longer than the government admits.

Effect Measure writes that there is a new paper that suggests that many cases in cats may have been missed (probably were), and cat-cat transmission therefore cannot be ruled out.

The UN is reminding the Americas that they have to prepare for bird flu, too.

Bulgaria says a water basin where wild birds gathered could be the source of the bird flu.

Vermont held a mock bird flu drill. It's a week long exercise looking at a wide variety of scenarios.

A group in New Zealand says it has a bird flu mapping program that will allow instant containment of an outbreak...they also say the government is stifling its development.

CIDRAP on Roche being criticized for selling Tamiflu to business when governments are short their allocations.

Recombinomics says that bird flu isolates in Ivory Coast show increasing genetic diversity in Africa.

A company has a whitepaper on business continuity planning during a pandemic.

Here's the actual whitepaper.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Woffle said...

Um... dude. I know you're all about the end of the world and all, but isn't the BIRD FLU VACCINE from GSK worth maybe a teeny link? At the bottom of the page, you know...

At 9:15 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Um, dude. Let me explain something to you. I do these updates once a day. When I did the last update, the GSK news wasn't out yet. When I do the next update (which I am working on now), I think you will see it receive ample space, right at the top. You know.

Thanks for reading, though.


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