Friday, July 14, 2006

July 14 Bastille Day Flu Update

The three year old girl who died of bird flu on July 6 is now lab confirmed, as expected, as an H5N1 death.

CIDRAP on the Indonesian girl.

WHO official release on the Indonesian girl. Grim stat: 53 reported cases in that country. 41 fatalities.

Indonesia is reporting that chickens are responsible for 100% of its human bird flu infections.

No noticeable dent in chicken consumption due to bird flu in US.

Thailand has id'd seven provinces as being under special bird flu watch and controls.

Effect Measure on the Indonesian official who took the fall for the flu....not likely to make much difference, he says. This is a time for serious people.

After some prodding, the EU says cash is now flowing on bird flu pledges.

CIDRAP on USDA/FAO joint flu action center (centre?) in Rome.

More from the Great Smuggled Michigan Goose Guts Caper. The guts cannot be found.

Berkeley CA is preparing for the bird flu.

Enid, OK is planning a flu summit.


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