Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13 Flu Update

The top Indonesian animal health officer has taken the fall for the bird flu problems there.

Another Indonesian doctor says that the key to bird flu in humans is a faster test. He says:

"The only effective treatment right now is Tamiflu, but it has to be given within 48 hours after the symptoms appear, after that the effectiveness is going down," Soeroso told Reuters on the sidelines of a symposium on bird flu.

Birds were found dead of unknown causes in NE Thailand.

Effect Measure on a Nature article from Declan Butler. We've linked to stories already about the mutations in the familial cluster in Indonesia. Butler writes that the results have been known for over a month, and then he and Revere both point out (yet again) that secrecy on genetics is hampering the fight against the bird flu.

Here's Butler's blog link on the article.

CIDRAP on Michigan tracking smuggled poultry, the top vet in Indonesia has been reassigned, and in Romania, culling appears to be paying off.

ProMed on Indonesian genetics and the state of play in China.

ProMed on the purloined Chinese meat.

Roche says 100 companies have contacted it about getting Tamiflu for employees in the case of a pandemic.

China says (again) that bird flu in under control in the area where the recent human case was found.

Taurenga (NZ) finalizes its bird flu plan.

FAO warns Africa of ongoing pandemic risk.

Suffolk County (NY) is also finalizing its bird flu plans.

Belgium is going to hold a large-scale bird flu exercise.

The Crown Prince of Brunei is calling for better cooperation on the bird flu.

Companies are urged to plan for a pandemic in a trade paper.

Article says Romania is a case study for the effects of bird flu cases--many poultry farmers are near bankruptcy.

Yet another story from the media's fascination with wild bird surveillance.

DEFRA in Britain is looking for bids for more bird vaccine.


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