Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 15 Flu Update

A 44 year old man died in Indoneisa Sunday (local time), and it is believed to be H5N1. He has also believed to have had contact with sick birds. Once it is lab confimed, it will tie Indonesia with Vietnam for bird flu deaths.

Michigan inspectors say there is no sign of bird flu from the smuggled Chinese birds.

Effect Measure notes that this case is drawing criticism. A great deal of the evidence was apparently destroyed before being tested.

ProMed on this story as well. Note mod comment on disconnect between public health and customs.

Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are going to cooperate to test if higher doses of Tamiflu (150 mg and opposed to 75) will help improve outcomes.

WHO continues to urge that the pace of vaccine development be stepped up. Note the phrase "unexpected adverse events." Good to see someone considering that things don't proceed as they do on paper.

Although a vaccine against the H5N1 virus is under development in several countries, none is ready for commercial production and no vaccines are expected to be widely available until several months after the start of a pandemic, the WHO said.

``Effectiveness of pandemic vaccines will not be known before the pandemic and possibly only after it is over,'' the report in the Weekly Epidemiological Record said. ``In addition, unexpected adverse events, whether coincidental or vaccine- related, will occur that may lead to anxiety and may affect vaccine uptake.''

Russia says it will coordinate bird flu monitoring in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The Health Editor of the Observer (UK) is taking part in a flu clinical trial. She says it has been a "positive experience" with few side effects.

The FDA is requiring RFID tracking of high-cost drugs, including Tamiflu.

Recombinomics says that sequences from Niger indicate the Qinghai sequence is continuing to change.

Major series of flu articles in Guam. What to watch for, what people can do to prepare, and what the government is doing to prepare.


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