Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14 Flu Update

Today, the big news is from Indonesia. Is this cluster H2H? It is a large cluster, but as time goes on and new clusters don't crop up, you begin to wonder. Crofsblog is all over this one, as five of the family members are now reported to have died....but Crofsblog is frustrated by the lack of consistent information.

Here's Crofsblog linking Recombinomics linking Nick Zamiska at the Wall Street Journal saying there are actually six deaths.

Direct link to WSJ story.

WaPo on Indonesia.

Promed on Indonesia....noting (if nothing else) that the cases are not WHO-lab confirmed yet.

Recombinomics with reports on the ground of a sick healthcare worker (a H2H canary in the mine), along with other cases not being reported by the mass media.

WaPo on the ethical question of who gets the first flu medicines...evoking Titanic and triage.

Djibouti is looking for help on the bird flu.

More reports on ongoing outbreaks from Romania.

ProMed on the Nabarro success in Asia and with news from Romania.

This is an amusing piece....a reporter details conflicting email messages he got from public health authorities around Fatal Contact.

New Jersey reporter looks at how business--one in particular--is preparing for the bird flu.

As an employer of 25 people at Cumberland Advisors, a money-management firm that is entrusted with $800 million of other people's money, Kotok said he does not want to be shopping for food and emergency supplies in a potential panic.

The Quad City newspaper in Iowa tells people to prep not panic after watching Fatal Contact.

They are planning in North Central Mass....even to the point of finding locations for mass graves.

More local planning, Stamford, CT.

Vietnam says that bird markets must be reformed to fight the bird flu.

Long Beach newspaper gives local readers Flu 101--including comment from a local official.

Effect Measure on a Vancouver official who thinks pandemic prep money is being wasted and would be better spent on cancer...and wonders about leaving it to the "experts."


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