Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 12 Flu Update

There's the potential of a relatively large cluster in Indonesia, reported here from Effect Measure (its in the second half of the story, following news about Djibouti.

Previously two other bird flu suspects, Roy Karo-Karo, 19, and his mother, Puji Br Ginting, died on May 9 and May 4 respectively. Five other of their close relatives are also being treated at Adam Malik for bird-flu symptoms, while another eight-year-old boy from the family has been moved to the Elisabeth Hospital, also in Medan, due to medical reasons.

Effect Measure writes that the cluster is continuing to cause concerns, as it is slowly confirmed. Note that human-human has not been ruled out.

ProMed on Indonesian cases.

The Chinese have fired some local officials for responding "incompentently" (ie, not at all) to reports in their area of bird flu.

There are reports of a new outbreak among birds in Romania.

Interesting response to Fatal Contact, including criticism of the real Governor of Virginia from the real Director of Health of Alaska.

In France, they are easing up their bird flu curbs.

In British Columbia, experts say there will be 6,000 deaths in a pandemic.

This might not be a bad model---Penn State University has put together a comprehensive pandemic plan. (It seems to be giving that the disease currently targets young people, that universities would be a high priority planning target.)

Africans are replacing poultry with new food choices, including hedgehog.

Pennsylvania took part in an online drill for bird flu.

A flu drill was held in the Arkansas/Louisiana/Texas borderland area.

CIDRAP on the study on older anti virals.

CIDRAP on the Sanofi results.

ProMed on the migratory bird debate--note mod comment that we have to be careful as we start to think that migratory birds are only playing a minor role that we don't stop collecting data on them.

The University of Maine is holding a seminar on the proper disposal methods for routine and catastrophic bird mortalities.

Crofsblogs looks at a book about the SARS outbreak, and compares its lessons to the bird flu. Why would we react any differently than Hong Kong did?

Here's the answer! Man in Ivory Coast invents bird flu dance....


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