Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9 Flu Update

Welcome, Fatal Contact viewers, and our regular readers, too. If you're here because the TV program has inspired you to learn more about bird flu, I think you are in the right place. We cover the news of the flu each day with an eye toward a dispassionate view of the flu. We're not here to scare--or reassure--anyone, but to help provide the facts. Check back often, we update 7 days a week.

Bloomberg reports research on...something that isn't especially news. You can get bird flu from the gut and diarrhea is often the first symptom.

ProMed has this article, note mod comment.

While it is reasonable to suggest that human infection has been associated with a gastrointestinal route of infection in Viet Nam because of the practice of consuming raw duck blood, it is a less satisfactory explanation for the variable mortalities recorded elsewhere.

Vietnam is now producing poultry vaccines.

Recombinomics looks at one year of the Qinqhai flu.

Here's an interesting angle--Cambodia is running bird flu semnars for journalists.

Louisville is holding a pandemic summit to prepare for the bird flu. Here's what Mayor Jerry Abramson (who I once saw in the stacks at Powell Books in Portland, BTW), said:

"Maybe we'll spend more time in houses of worship throughout the community as difficulties arise," Abramson said.
Or maybe not, due to a quarantine.

The poultry industry is clearly getting more aggressive with its message on bird flu--measures are taken here to protect birds and people...almost it can't happen here.

Athens, OH held a plannning meeting for bird flu.

BC article has small farmer saying that "everyone" knows factory farms are the source of the problem.

Australia is preparing to spend $44M (AUS) to fight bird flu in that country.

Florida company has nano masks--or "bird flu" masks for sale.

Pennyslvania says it will not stockpile Tamiflu--relying instead on the Federal stock.

The Bird Flu Bill in New Zealand has passed its first hurdle.

Effect Measure looks at Sen. Frist communications obtained by Public Citizen relating to immunity for flu vaccine producers.

Ad Age writes about major poultry producers, and their efforts to communicate the safety of their product to the public.

Also in response to Fatal Contact, Roche is warning against counterfeit Tamiflu.

Effect un-reviews Fatal Contact, and notes the ABC news site I linked yesterday.

The Chicago Tribune says that Fatal Contact is scary but not entertaining--making it like life.

(No, I did not watch).


At 1:07 PM, Anonymous slovenia said...

"Scary but not entertaining--making it like life". Orange, you do crack me up. Thanks

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Thank you very much, and thanks for reading.


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