Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8 Flu Update

An April 26 Indonesian death is now confirmed H5N1.

CIDRAP on Indonesia.

ProMed on Indonesia...note mod comments.

The reason for the higher mortality in Indonesia than elsewhere has not yet been established.

The Palenstinian Authority says bird flu is present in six areas.

ABC News says it has a flu "fact and fiction" page--a perfect resource for viewers who watch tomorrow night's fludrama.

Study in Egypt identifies that the poultry breeders were most likely to get sick.

In Asia, the mantra has been rapid response. They are especially worried about Burma.

In business, the major challenge will be for sick employees to stay home.

The race for a flu vaccine has led to other scientific it often does.

Pennsylvania is polishing its pandemic plan.

The UN is establishing a crisis response center to send out teams to answer emerging crises. It will be in Rome.

China is asking local officials to keep a closer eye on monitoring the bird flu.

Seattle Times editorial--bird flu a time to be "steady."

"Transfer Factor" in bird flu vaccines?

Ontario is also preparing for the bird flu.

Effect Measure has a dispute with new theories which say that who gets infected and who doesn't might be genetically determined.

Recombinomics looks back--one year of Qinghai disease spread.

Reuters on how companies are preparing for the bird flu.

To deal with SARS, the plastic molding company Nypro, with 8,000 employees in China, ran skeletal staffs, staggered shifts and closed its cafeteria, all to minimize personal contact, Cotton said.

"We even went so far as to set an hour with the lights out and let everyone take a nap," he said. "It allows you to stretch out the work day."

H7N3 has not affected poultry sales in Britain.


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