Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13 Flu Update

Dateline Indonesia, where nature is kicking ass. As noted yesterday, is the current cluster proof of human-human transmission? This remains one to watch closely.

ProMed on Indonesia and Djibouti. Note mod comment that says that "common exposure" is likely cause of Indonesian cluster.

Naturally, Recombinomics is taking the opposite tack.

Dr. David Nabarro is back making headlines again, as only he can do. He says that Thailand and Vietnam are "fabulous success stories."

Romania culled 2,000 birds in response to recent outbreak.

Recombinomics says that bird flu is back in the Ukraine.

Canada is upping its plans to fight the bird flu.

Bird flu has been good...for the poor and underserved in the US. As exports are down, unsold poultry is being donated to food depositories.

A Regional meeting is being held on the bird flu in Chambersburg, PA.

Plans are also shaping up in Nebraska.

Luke Shockman of The (Toledo) Blade, quality healthcare reporter, looks at a local pandemic exercise that uncovered some "grim" possibilities.

How many dead bodies? Under the imaginary situation played out yesterday, 800 people were dying each day from bird flu in northwest Ohio over the course of several weeks. To give you some idea how severe that is, in a normal five-month flu season around 3,000 people die from the flu - in the entire state of Ohio.

Alabama says there's no bird flu problem there.

The Philippine public health system will now cover bird flu.

The Georgia Agriculture Commissioner says some people may be mislead by Fatal Contact.

Greenhammer cites an interesting article with an angle I had never thought of before. People fleeing densely populated NYC and Montreal could swell the population in Vermont from 600,000 to 2M, based on local estimates.


At 3:57 AM, Anonymous slovenia said...

A soft 'heads up' from a slavic land. Ukrainians get testy when folks refer to their country as 'the' Ukraine. That usage harks back to the days of Soviet domination. In these enlightened times the country is simply Ukraine.

At 7:25 AM, Blogger Orange said...

Thank you, Slovenia! I'll be ready for that in the future.


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