Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1 Update--Early reports from the Wall Street Journal

Nick Zamiska is back in the WSJ with reaction to his China story.


At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

doesn't the vaccine if found to be the right 1 against this unforseen flu take 6 months to create and start mass production > I think they need eggs to produce it.. so if it came here and formed into this flu that kills and jumps to others quickly imho vaccines won't help you..and if they kill all the birds including chickens where will they get eggs ? my understanding of what caused the spanish flu of 1918 was that us government during the war vaccinated our soldiers with as many as 17 vaccines at 1 time and the human body goes whacko with all those created minute diseases that the immune system has to create anti bodies to fight them off .. a lot of young soldiers returned real sick back to the usa from spain {spanish} and spread to others this killer flu.. i read where healthy people would start to feel bad in the afternoon-for instance- and get real sick by evening having great difficulty breathing and spitting up thick black mucus thru the night and by noon the next day would be dead.. if that is true then we are in some big trouble im thinking.. the only way to live would be to stay away from civilization until it dies and moves on..what a thought. am i being paranoid to think that maybe it will happen ?? tks for this site to keep up on the latest news... a life saver !!

At 5:02 AM, Blogger Orange said...

Thanks for reading....

Here's a link to the flu wiki on vaccines which might help to answer your questions about the vaccine....

Finally, on your note about leaving civilization, in 1918 the flu reached the most remote parts of the planet. We are all in this together.

Keep in touch.


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