Friday, April 14, 2006

April 13 Flu Update

Egypt's latest case, a woman who has now stabilized.

WHO Update on Egypt.

ProMed on Egypt--note case count discrepancy in mod comment.

WHO is close to declaring Jordan bird flu free.

Nigeria says it has inspected 236 farms and certified them to be flu free, meaning their chickens could be consumed. Also, culling has been going on.

Nigeria has also closed 76 poultry farms.

ProMed has OIE report indicating new outbreaks in Cambodia.

Good NYT story on bird flu preying on "ignorance and poverty" in the Nile Delta.

Effect Measure gives a grade card to US officials for bird flu prep, including a good grade for Secretary Leavitt, and others who need to do their homework more.

A minister in Ghana says that bird flu is not present there.

A veterinary report in Britain emphasizes the dynamic nature of the flu, but says to date Britain has done all it could.

ProMed also has a DEFRA scientist defending how Britain tested wild birds.

Bird flu restrictions will stay in place 30 days in Scotland, and then run their course if new cause for concern does not arise.

ProMed on Russia, compensation for culled birds in Israel, and guidelines on protecting cats.

The Times of London says an epidemic of bird flu phobia is on the way.

Experts says that Alaskan natives are most likely to be exposed to bird flu.

Canada's Finance Ministry says a pandemic would hit the economy less than predicted.

Key West is famous for its always present chickens....and some people wonder if that could be a problem during a pandemic.

The Shetland News with practical advice, including how to handle a dead bird.

Pitt is holding a bird flu symposium.

Egypt is also sponsoring bird flu training.

Kiwi expert says that Vietnam is leading the way on research on the spread of bird flu.

Antigua joins its region in preparing for the bird flu.

Nabarro praises Thailand.

Baxter is going to begin producing 2 million doses of cell based vaccine for the UK.

"Calm but vigilant" is the advice for local residents near the coast in Britain.

You've probably heard of distributed computing, where a central organization uses idle computers to work on a research project. Distributed computing is being used in Holland on bird flu.

CIDRAP on FDA advice for bird flu tests.

Letter from Rx exec to shareholders touts new anti viral work.

Recombinomics on reassurances in Britain.


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