Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4 Flu Update

Indonesia confirms the death of the 20-month old girl is H5N1.

CIDRAP on Indonesia, among others, noting that a 2005 death has also been named H5N1.

ProMed on Egypt (from yesterday) and Indonesia.

Official WHO report from Indonesia.

A seventh case of bird flu in birds is found in Czech Republic.

Burkina Faso in Africa has three confimed avian cases, and Kenya is testing birds as well.

CIDRAP on Burkina Faso.

ProMed on Burkina Faso, and Germany, where 263 H5N1 birds have been found.

China says it is sharing bird flu samples with the world.

David Nabarro notes the rapid spread of the bird flu while speaking in China.

AP rehash of the Los Alamos Simulation.

Loyal reader Ed Hunter sent me this....the Los Alamos map showing the rapid spread of bird flu across US in time sequence.

Britain will conduct a bird flu simulation to test its response capability.

Effect Measure on bizarre regulations concerning bird flu in Russia.

Effect Measure cites a baffling new study that says that H5N1 patients had more virus in their nose area than seasonal flu patients...a direct contradiction to the deep lung theory we heard recently.

WHO points out what many others have said--if you build infrastructure to fight a pandemic, you will have better infrastructure for infectious diseases of all kinds, even if no pandemic comes.

Slate gives the state of play, in its view, of the bird flu vaccine development.

Secretary Leavitt in Utah on the flu tour tells the audience schools will need to prepare for the bird flu.

Company says its stock is up based on the NEJM study calling for quick drug intervention.

Vietnam is aiming to keep its strong anti flu record intact, and is culling smuggled birds.

Low interest loans in India are being offered to flu stricken farmers.

India is also holding a crisis management seminar on April 18th.

AMA notes that the FDA has approved a new rapid test for IDing bird flu.

Interesting post from Cervantes, frequent commenter on Effect Measure and blogger. Question: what did the US spend on flu prevention? Answer: less than nothing.

Recombinomics says a vaccine aimed at the Fujian strain is warranted.

Recombiomics also says that Chinese strains have migrated to Laos and Malaysia.


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