Sunday, April 09, 2006

April 9 Flu Update

A month after finding the flu, Niger begins to cull.

ProMed with 3 reports from around the world.

Conservationists say that bird flu is giving wild birds a bad name.

Because the role of migratory birds is a very obvious one, it's often very tempting to say that migratory birds are bringing the disease," Robert Hepworth, executive secretary of the Convention on Migrating Species, told Reuters.

"Migratory birds have been involved of course, but the actual evidence of migratory birds spreading this disease across continents on a large scale is very patchy."

More from Britain, where it is safe to say this week's cabinet document release has caused a shockwave (combined with the arrival of the flu). Note how they plan to deal with transport problems, one of Osterholm's bigger concerns.

There are also reports that off-duty firefighters and retired lorry drivers will be pressed into service to ensure deliveries of essential food supplies in the event of a pandemic.

Who's to say they will show up for work?

I know from time to time people in the flu blogosphere are accused of scare-mongering. Isn't this statement from Britain's scientific authority equally bad--sure of something he doesn't know?

In an odd counterpoint, the British Tory party is distancing itself from an MP who ridiculed the idea bird flu could hit humans.

A British vet objects to the Times calling UK response to bird flu "sloppy."

The Scottish First Minister is defending the government's response.

Finally, the Queen is taking action to protect her birds. (via Crofsblogs).

More on the new methods to develop vaccines, beyond eggs.

Bird flu to be a factor in holding up the development of the Asian economy.

Sir David King said that it was “totally misleading” to suggest that a global flu pandemic in humans was inevitable. His attempt to ease public concern coincided with the leak of documents detailing government plans to deal with a widespread outbreak of a human form of the virus.


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