Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April 5 Flu Update

A 12 year boy is an apparent H5N1 death in Cambodia, and a little girl is sick in Egypt, their ninth case. This story notes that toll of bird flu on children

Germany confirms bird flu in fowl in Saxony, in the Eastern part of the country.

Chancellor Merkel says the situation is "serious." 16,000 bird cull is planned.

Bird flu was found in a dead swan in Scotland, and tests are being done to see if it is H5N1.

ProMed update--check out that Azerbaijan news!

[1] Azerbaijan - 43 samples sent to the UK for testing
[2] Cambodia - 2nd death reported
[3] Egypt - 9th case reported

ProMed on Scotland and Germany.

ProMed on Germany, PA, and India.

CIDRAP surveys news from around the world.

The BBC has this on the latest from Nature--the risk to cats is being overlooked. Here's why it matters:

Professor Peter Openshaw, head of respiratory infections at London's Imperial College, said: "At the moment, cats seem to be an evolutionary blind alley.

"They mainly get a gut or lung infection and haven't been shown to be able to transmit to man.

"However, cats might form a bridge to man since they often live in close domestic contact - in the same way that nursing a sick pet bird has been shown to do."

CIDRAP on the cat story.

Russia has three flu vaccines to test.

Pakistan says it is developing a bird flu vaccine, too.

The Madhya Pradesh Poultry Farmers Association, in association with the National Egg Coordination Committee (India) are decrying the effect bird flu hype is having on bird sales.

Singapore has a bird flu handbook and its being distributed to households around the country.

The US government says to combat bird flu, cook poultry to 165 degrees.

Could culls be causing protein shortages in Gaza.

Notwithstanding that, the pace of culling will pick up. (Also, lack of Tamiflu is decried)

Helen Branswell on Canada doubling its surveillance of migratory birds.

While U.S. political figures have deemed it virtually inevitable that migratory birds will bring the virus to North America, avian flu experts are not so certain.

A long-term study suggests there is little intermingling of the viruses carried by birds that travel the Eurasian flyways and those that migrate in the Americas.

Report on a bird flu meeting in India.

A former police chief has a web commentary on the bird flu.

Effect Measure on McDonald's exec on getting more and more into the chicken game and wonders if its wise given what bird flu does to chicken consumption rates.

ProMed with OIE report from Burkina Faso.

Recombinomics says some initial sequences from Egypt lead us back to some earlier data, which is in a private database and cannot be seen.

Recombinomics on the spread of the third (fujian) strain throughout China.


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