Monday, April 10, 2006

April 10 Flu Update

Effect Measure, noting perhaps out of control outbreaks in Myanmar, says the genie is out of the bottle.

There may well be unconfirmed human cases in Western Africa, where a very poor health system could make detection difficult.

ProMed on more cases in Czech Republic, 2,400 dead bird reports in Scotland each day, calls for calm, and ultra-secretive Myanmar says more than 100 outbreaks there.

The UN says there is no reason to think two children died of bird flu in Afghanistan.

David Nabarro continues to speak in Asia--generally positively about the efforts there.

He emphasized the "good practices" of the government in terms of the transparency of bird flu test results and sharing of virus samples with the international scientific community.
The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine is holding some public forums on the bird flu.

A Chinese Pharma company has completed its first round of vaccine tests.

Two part series in the Ottawa Sun assesses Canadian readiness at the national, provincal and local level, with some scary anecdotes thrown in. Part I...

and Part II.

The Region of Peel (Brampton) is preparing for the pandemic.

Kansas releases its pandemic plan.

Hawaii, with lots of Asian access, could be considered a flu trouble spot. They are thinking seriously and ambitiously about what to do.

Officials have launched an airport screening program, planned limited quarantines and amassed a supply of protective gear for doctors and nurses. Next month, the state will hold a seminar to help employers learn how a pandemic could affect their workers and businesses.

The Leavitt tour hits Tennessee.

WHO issues guidelines for flu prevention in refugee populations.

Effect Measure weighs in on the issue of dogs and cats eating raw birds, and calls for more systematic surveillance.

Yesterday, we ran some British flu deniers who were certainly overstated their certainty about how low the chances of a pandemic are. Effect Measure weighs in.

To wit, two leading British scientists are at "loggerheads" on the issue. (I do not understand why intelligent people argue about whether this is going to happen, as if they know).

Meanwhile, bird restrictions in Scotland await further testing.

No decline in poultry consumption in Britain to date.

Recombinomics notes a new cluster in Indonesia.

The Chinese Chief Veterinary Official today said that due to 4.75B bird flu vaccines administered, a massive outbreak there is unlikely.

The same expert has offered to share China's successful flu methods with the world.

Bird flu experts speaking in Cleveland are asking engineers to help figure out ways to make vaccine faster.


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

> "(I do not understand why intelligent people argue about whether this is going to happen, as if they know)."

most likely they're Tetlock's hedgehogs.


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