Sunday, March 12, 2006

March 12 Flu Update

Flu is found in Cameroon (fourth in Africa), possibly in Myanmar.

Greece says two more swans have bird flu.

Recombinomics with an early report of H5N1 in Afghanistan.

ProMed from around the world, including bird flu in Batam, Indonesia for the first time. Also, Taiwan was mistakenly shown as having bird flu on a WHO map. Why? Because it is included as part of China.

With the arrival of bird flu in a new state in Nigeria, their assembly is calling for "enlightenment" on the issue.

The human toll--poultry owner in India commits suicide.

ABC News (US) on cats and flu--sensible measures "not an overreaction."

The Australian with the latest installment of Chinese Secrecy. In this case, they are stalling the fight against bird flu with scientific grandstanding.

Effect Measure on school plans in Cincinnati to prepare for the bird flu, saying this is exactly what needs to be done.

The Quincy (IL) Daily Herald has a column that combines actual data on bird flu with a local public health perspective.

Same perspective from Lake County, OH, which details local pandemic planning.

US Customs is cracking down on medicine entering the country.

A Swiss expert says it should be possible to prevent the spread of bird flu to domestic poultry.

Iran is offering to share its bird flu experience with the region.

Here's a link to some bird flu maps from U/Texas. Said to be updated daily.


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