Friday, March 10, 2006

March 9 Flu Update

Yesterday it was David Nabarro, today it was Michael Chertoff...bird flu could be in the US in months. (When he said this, one of our local TV stations even emailed me a breaking news alert). I don't know if the administration doesn''t want to be "out warned" by anybody else, or if this was already planned. Note that he went on to reassure everyone that the US is prepared to handle the situation.

Another mammal has bird flu--a stone marten in Germany.

WHO on the Stone Marten.

Effect Measure on the stone marten, and how it illustrates the futility of trying to stop the bird flu. Also note comments on potential case in Belgium.

Azerbaijan has sent samples from 11 people--3 who died--to Britain for testing.

This story notes the three potential deaths and says WHO experts are on their way.

There are currently 12 suspected cases in the hospital in Indonesia.

70,000 birds died at a poultry factory in Southern Russia.
It appears there's another possible case in Belgium.

Two dead ducks were found in Norway.

Bird flu confirmed in Serbia.

ProMed reports on Germany and Serbia. Note 8 infected wild birds in Bavaria.

Finland conducted a bird flu exercise.

Albania culled 2,000 birds to head off the bird flu.

A state in India reports 1,985 negative tests.

There's a new bird flu book out. ``The Bird Flu Pandemic: Can It Happen? Will It Happen?'' by physician Jeffrey Greene and his co-author, journalist Karen Moline.

The UN Health Chief said it was imperative for Africa to curb the bird flu and the chances for human transmission that come with it.

ProMed cites USA Today article where US officials are using migratory birds as evidence of the spread of bird flu.

Here's an excellent USA Today map on migratory flyways.

Quebec is preparing for the bird flu.

Citigroup, citing SARS as partial precedent, says that the Asian markets are ripe for a fall if the bird flu hits.

Holland is instituting voluntary poultry vaccinations--at the farmer's expense. Its a real dilemma, but everyone fears the stigma France has received...Holland also had bird flu of another strain.

Reuters catalogs the bird flu vaccination programs in Europe.

Poultry vaccinated in Dagestan, Russia.

This is very damaging. In Nigeria, only large poultry farms are being compensated for bird flu losses, not small farms operated by the poorest people.

Japan is helping to fight bird flu.

WHO continues to say its making progress.

The Pan American Health Organization has plans to help the continent fight the bird flu.

Here in Pan America, Arkansas says world events are good reason to plan for the bird flu.

Lake Constance has three countries around it, one of which is Switzerland. All the countries met there to discuss bird flu.

Bird flu is down in Turkey, so German tourism is back up again.

Officials in New York state say they don't have enough details and guidance to use the state's 400 page pandemic plan.

The South African Development Community is looking for cooperative surveillance on the flu.

The EU poultry policies are detailed--despite best efforts, people are shying away from poultry from effected countries.

Ghana has set up a bird flu task force in the Eastern part of the country.

Poultry sales around the world may have taken a hit, but not at McDonald's.

The Welsh Assembly has disease plans, including for bird flu.

Effect Measure writes on airport security, and how no one thinks to plan ahead.


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