Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 6 Flu Update

Cats in Austria found to have bird flu, CIDRAP reports.

Because of genetic changes in the virus, the US government is starting work on a second flu vaccine.

WHO says that the bird flu presents a greater challenge than any other infectious disease, including AIDS.

CIDRAP on China and the WHO conference.

ProMed with news from around the world--Uganda is an initial negative.

Effect Measure reports that US troops are being warned on the bird flu.

Good story on African planning. "Mayhem" is feared, containment plan is doubted.

Pakistan is preparing an awareness campaign for the bird flu.

Much as they did in Asia, the Black Sea nations are now talking about cooperating on bird flu.

From Iraq, the dead birds in the south are negative, and no results on the one suspect case. Story ends with this phrase:

Other suspected cases of bird flu in Baghdad are still under medical care, she said.

Switzerland says only nine birds have died there from flu.

Local reports now say there are 10 people in the hospital under suspicion of bird flu in Azerbaijan

Recombinomics on this case.

Hong Kong minister says that despite fatal case near there, people do not need to sign health declarations before entering.

Meanwhile, South China is launching plans to fight the bird flu there.

WHO notes lab confirmation of this case.

Promed on the China case...includes a WHO spokesman who is concerned that unreported casees exist in China.

Russia says there's no bird flu in the South of that country.

Realistic assessment of risk from Gambia.

The occurence of human cases – even when sporadic – would create enormous new challenges for health systems and services that are already fragile and overburdened. Should human cases occur, their early detection – when treatment with antiviral drugs is most likely to improve prospects of survival – is unlikely.

WHO, speaking at a conference, continued to criticize nations for not having more up to date flu plans.

Baxter says it has successfully inactivated bird flu viruses using a plasma treatment.

Thailand is joining a study that will evaluate the treatment of bird flu in SE Asia.

Effect Measure comments on the Branswell article we linked to yesterday.

Dr. Gleeson on his goal to create community action in the name of preparation.


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