Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10 Flu Update

Two Indonesia children are now lab confirmed H5N1 fatalities.

We've all had our eyes on the potential cluster in Azerbaijan, this is a must read from WHO. At least death is thought to be non-H5N1, and most of the cluster was discovered by knocking on doors in the town where this happened.

Effect Measure reviews this WHO report, and takes a wait and see approach.

CIDRAP on the Indonesian and Azerbaijani cases.

In addition to the two deaths in Indonesia, ProMed says three other cases have been ruled out.

ProMed with a worldwide update.

The US Geologic Survey has tested migratory birds for the last eight months and says that it has found no H5N1.

Researchers say 1% of birds in Southern China wet market are H5N1.

Two new cases found in birds in Sweden.

Dead ducks in Norway were negative.

Two girls have died in Georgia, and families there say it is bird flu.

The President of Taiwan called on China to "come clean" on bird flu. Says "China is a black-hole in the global effort to prevent avian flu."

In Peterborough UK, two dead swans have caused bird flu experts to be contacted.

Containment continues to be on the agenda. WHO is going to train 100 experts in pandemic containment.

Turkey says when Spring brings more migratory birds, flu risk will come back.

In Canada, nurses and GPs say they approve of the country's bird flu plan.

A government reports says that healthcare and transit workers might refuse to work during a pandemic.

Another person in Azerbaijan suspected of having bird flu died.

Indian paper says Europeans are "chickening out" by not eating chicken.

Case in point: Poland.

CIDRAP on the stone martens in Germany, and other news from around the world.

The President of Belarus says the bird flu threat is exaggerated.

New York State is preparing legislation to give more powers to health officials.

Germany and France are discussing energy and bird flu.

Russia is struggling to stop the bird flu, but with more migrations coming, and no Tamiflu on hand, an official is worried.

The Russian bird vaccination program is also starting in the south.

Australia's chief vet says that country is not at high risk for bird flu.

A pandemic program was held in South Dakota--story and video here. Governor says it was a success.

A similar story is here...from Arkansas.

Quebec unveiled a battle plan to fight the bird says it is preparing for the worst.

Canada further notes that it is short of antivirals.

Hungary is taking 10% of the revenues from a bird flu developed in that country.

South Africa also begins to look at bird flu.

Here's an interesting IHT story. Governments are doing the job, but its not clear if corporations--especially ones with key transport and logistical roles--are ready for a pandemic.

In a survey of more than 100 U.S. executives by Deloitte & Touche, released in January, two-thirds said their companies had not yet prepared adequately for avian flu, and most had no one specifically in charge of such complicated planning.
"Business is not prepared for even a moderate avian flu epidemic," the report concluded.

In the Berkshires, the local health officials are focusing on crisis planning.

Even though bird flu is not in the US yet, it is actually poultry exports due to reduced overseas demand.

In Europe, poultry producers are being urged to adapt...including by becoming "multi meat" producers.

The American Council for Science and Health has this report on what people need to know about bird flu.

A physician in Bangladesh writes with advice to his country on bird, including a warning on low core temperatures of fried chicken.

The Bhutan Ag Ministry also has a report.

The Mennonite Central Committee has been working to fight bird flu in Vietnam.

MCC provided funds for local agriculture and health officials to train about 16,000 people in vaccinating poultry, recognizing bird flu, culling infected birds and protecting themselves from the disease. MCC also provided 84 agricultural communities with disinfectant, protective uniforms and guidebooks on preventing livestock diseases.


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