Saturday, March 04, 2006

March 4 Flu Update

I have been remiss is not posting this sooner. I was interviewed on, which was doing a story on flu bloggers. He had some nice things to say about my blog, and I certainly appreciate that....enjoy the interview.
A journalist/reader from Quebec sent me this translated french-language story on dead crows in that province. They say they have tried to report the dead birds to the authorities, but have received no response. Authorities say they looked, but need better specimens.

ProMed has this from the Jakarta Post--cases in Indonesia are increasing at an "alarming rate."

Just as alarming there is a suspect familial cluster in a family in Azerbaijan, among six people.

Recombinomics reports on this case, certain of H2H.

Death in China reported yesterday. Today, a 3M died in Indonesia, and its suspected to be bird flu.

Meanwhile, China continues to warn about problems there. Did they really learn from SARS, as this story suggests--or is it CYA, or is the problem already in play, as others say.

More bird flu in Greece, on the border with Turkey.

Recombinomics on the spread of the flu throughout Niger.

This Reuters story covers the news from across the globe--all of it bad.

DEFRA in Britain says the chances of pigs getting bird flu is pretty low. Others have said its part of the chain of events that could lead to H2H.

Indonesia will have 1.5M Tamiflu pills ready for distribution by the end of the month.

US News and World Report says all it took was "one dead cat" to get Europe worked up about bird flu.

Bird flu has reached a sixth German state.

In Thailand, the government is stocking up on vaccine--enough for 300,000 people in a country of 68 million.

An insurance company in China paid 100,000 yuan to the family of a bird flu victim.


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