Saturday, March 12, 2005

March 12 Flu Update--Alarming New Case--does it signal efficient human-human transmission

Effect Measure has our first take on this. Experts are now calling into question the veracity of the officials in Vietnam, and whether WHO is exercising wishful thinking.

Note this quote: Given these concerns, it is hard to understand why WHO continues to reassure the world, when in fact it is still in the dark about the situation.

Reuters with a straight news read.

Recombinomics on the same issue, noting "more efficient" human-human transmission.

Recombinomics notes persuasively why the transmission was probably nurse-nurse. He also brings up a point others have mentioned, which is that it is possible that the genetic shift/drift that allowed human-human transmission could also make the virus less virulent, which could be the case here.

On the home front, Virginia has stepped up flu surveillance.

National Post (Canada) pooh-poohs the whole thing. writes on the new info from Vietnam, breaking logjam.


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